Club Vending provides pool tables that accept not only quarters, but also come equipped with dollar bill acceptors which increase revenues as well as customer appeal. All accessories including pool sticks, balls, hand chalk, cue chalk, battery swaps, etc. are provided by Club Vending. Leveling, moving, repairs and maintenance are handled by our professionals who understand what your pool players value. Unlike other vendors, Club Vending always uses the highest quality Simonis felt. Tournament Blue and Green are the preferred color choices of serious players but we can accommodate custom color choices as well.

“I run local tournaments all around town. Club Vending makes sure their tables are in top shape for our games, plus they program their tables so we get to play for free during our tournaments. They use the Simonis felt which is preferred by the pros.” – Jim – Southern Nevada 9-Ball

Valley Pool Table
Valley Pool Table
Valley Pool Table tournament blue simonis
Tournament Blue
Valley Pool Table black Simonis