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Many venues are large enough to accommodate an extra machine or two, so Club Vending has multiple options to choose from if you are looking for that little something extra. Our Classic Arcades offer “60 games in 1” such as nostalgic Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong and more. There are also bowling games from the same creators as Golden Tee or Big Buck Hunter which involves a skill-based point and shoot fun hunting game. Our boxing games are a great way for customers to relieve some stress and compete for the high score on a strength-based game.

“I love those classic ’80s games! I get that nostalgia feeling when I play Ms. Pac Man. Takes me back!” – Nick – Customer

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Classic Multi Arcade Upright
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Classic Multi Arcade Cocktail
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Classic Multi Arcade Upright
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Big Buck Hunter
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Classic Multi Arcade Upright
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Classic Multi Arcade Cocktail