Club Vending is proud to provide our customers with music solutions using jukeboxes from the industry leader, TouchTunes. TouchTunes is by far the most popular jukebox choice due to their incredibly expansive music catalog and sleek jukebox designs. The TouchTunes music catalog can be attuned to your individual requirements as it is fully customizable and has innumerable filtering options. From removing explicit lyrics, to entire genres of music, to adjusting filters for daytime vs. nighttime, a TouchTunes jukebox can be set up according to your exact specifications. TouchTunes also offers the very popular TouchTunes app, which users can download onto their mobile device. The mobile app allows customers to pay for and play their selections from their seats. Jukeboxes appeal to customers and bartenders alike, as bartenders enjoy using the jukebox as a way to entertain their customers as well as creating personal connections with them.

If your current venue sound system is lacking in volume, audio range, or exciting engagement with your customers, a jukebox solution with Club Vending is only a call away. Club Vending will inspect your current system and if an upgrade is necessary, we can wire, install and maintain professional grade speaker systems at no cost to you. Please note that internet downloading jukeboxes can only be owned and operated by a licensed amusement route operator with a current operator agreement, like Club Vending.

“I like to use Bar Rewards to personalize messages to my customers when I am on-shift. I also get free credits through Bar Rewards which lets me play certain songs my customers want to hear.” – Sean – Bartender

“TouchTunes has the best App. I can make my own Favorites list and I can see how many songs are in the queue. Helps me to decide if I want to pay extra to jump to the front of the line. Very cool!” – Sandra – Customer

 TouchTunes Virtuo Jukebox
TouchTunes Virtuo
Jukebox TouchTune Angelina
TouchTunes Angelina
Jukebox TouchTune Icon
TouchTunes Icon
Jukebox TouchTune Allegro
TouchTunes Allegro
Jukebox TouchTune MX1
TouchTunes MX1
TouchTunes Jukebox App
two customers enjoying a TouchTunes Virtuo