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Frequently Asked Questions about Jukeboxes, Cigarette Vending, Golden Tee and More


Having a Jukebox in your Las Vegas Bar or Tavern is an absolute MUST! You may be wondering just how this is accomplished? On this page we will take you through the process, highlight many important points, and answer the most Frequently Asked Questions Las Vegas Bar and Tavern owners and managers ask when it comes to getting these and other very popular entertainment options into your venue at no cost to you. Continue reading below for detailed explanations specifically designed to help you decide which Jukebox or other Amusements is right for your venue and how to go about enlisting our services.



Las Vegas is known as the “City of Entertainment”, and music plays a HUGE role in what defines what kind of bar you wish to be. Do you want to be a Blue-Collar Rock Bar? Or perhaps have a Country Western feel? Do you want to have Oldies, Blues or Punk as your vibe? Of course, there’s always popular Vegas Classic Rock Bar. With Club Vending, YOU will have the ability to decide and the flexibility to change your groove as often as you like.

We suggest that you have ALL of these music options available to best serve your customers. Las Vegas caters to a very diverse collection of folks from all around the United States and abroad. Tourists and Locals alike all have the intention of having fun when patronizing your bar, so be sure to provide them with the widest possible Jukebox selections to keep the good times rolling.

Virtuo Jukebox in Las Vegas

Internet-connected downloading Jukeboxes cover ALL the genres and popular music of ALL the artists your customers could want. TouchTunes jukeboxes are the industry leader at offering the widest selection of musical choices for your customers. TouchTunes is also incredibly versatile, allowing countless customization options for your specific needs. For example, if you wanted to refine your music offerings, and thus your customer selections, you could easily have your vendor filter out certain genres ( rap, heavy metal, explicit lyrics etc.). However. if you rather your venue appeal to the most demographics in Las Vegas, you could choose to have your jukebox music genre filters be completely wide open. You can even choose to filter any jukebox music based on the time of day. These are just a few of the options a Jukebox has to offer. Better yet, just tell us what you are looking to offer your customers, and Club Vending will create a customized Jukebox specifically for your establishment.


Music feeds the soul. Music sets the tone, and can make or break the customer experience at your establishment. Offering a Jukebox means you value your customers and are interested in them having a positive experience in your venue. Remember, it is the customer’s experience that ultimately defines your venue, and you want that experience to be as positive as possible. When a song plays that one of your patrons has chosen, it creates a meaningful connection and attachment to your business. This personalized experience simply cannot be achieved by a generic playlist of generally-acceptable music that can be found online or through a music subscription service.

Your bartenders are busy! They are making drinks, attending to gamblers and managing transactions. Customers should not be expected to ask a busy bartender to change the music station or to find and play a particular song for them.

A Jukebox can also help your patrons to interact with each other through sharing the power of music. With the TouchTunes free mobile app, your customers can play their favorite music at any time from their seats! Being able to share your new favorite tune you just discovered with total strangers can be an amazing experience. Music is an opportunity to connect with others or to open them to new possibilities.

Customers enjoying a Jukebox in Las Vegas

A Jukebox is the most cost effective music option you can have in your establishment. Music stations are expensive to purchase and maintain, not to mention the music licensing fees and/or subscription costs. A Jukebox through Club Vending is FREE to you, and will actually EARN you money.


The short answer is “No”.

Some vending and amusement machines can be owned and operated by the Bar or Tavern itself, while other machines are exclusive to Amusement Route Operators. Why is this? When it comes to Internet Jukeboxes, there is a considerable amount of computer, electrical and technical expertise that is required to properly set up and maintain the Jukebox. TouchTunes will only work with licensed companies that are already proven to be operating many locations and many amusement machines.

In Las Vegas, a 24/7 city, it is critical to strive for zero down-time for your most important machines in your venue. Jukeboxes, like many machines in your bar, need to operate non-stop. This causes certain parts to wear out quickly and randomly. Route Operators know this and are accustomed to owning a very large inventory of monitors, hard drives, computers, power supplies, bill acceptors, I/O boards and other accessories known to break down at the most inopportune times. For just ONE Jukebox placed in a venue, it is necessary to have at least TWO jukeboxes worth of parts on standby should problems arise.

Touchtunes Jukebox MX1 Allegro

As a business owner, you know that nothing is entirely maintenance free, and occasionally even the most well maintained devices need to be serviced. When something goes wrong with a Jukebox, the parts required are specialized and are not available at your local electronics store or favorite online retailer to purchase. Knowing how to properly replace these specialized parts in a Jukebox is not a simple procedure either. Route Operations MUST employ technicians who are specifically trained and knowledgeable in the repair and deployment of the particular machine that needs repair. There does not exist a “repairman” that can be contacted in Las Vegas who is willing and able to fix an amusement machine in the field and on-demand.

This doesn’t only apply to Jukeboxes, but also to Pool Tables, Golden Tee golf games, Electronic Dart boards, Shuffleboards, Cigarette Vending machines, and etc. Whatever situation may arise, Club Vending has experienced technicians available 24/7 to quickly address the problem. Establishment owners and managers have an image to maintain, and we at Club Vending want you to always look your best!


By now, you understand your venue would greatly benefit from having a Jukebox, but how do you get one installed and how much will it cost?

First, contact Club Vending by phone, text, form or mail. If you have any questions this FAQ hasn’t answered, we will be happy to do so. Be prepared to schedule a time to meet with us in person so we can assess your particular venue’s situation and needs.

Some information we will collect during our meeting will be: Do you currently have a sound system in place? What type of speakers are you currently using for music? What 24/7 background music are you using? What type of venue and customers do you cater to? Where is the ideal location for the Jukebox. Would a wall-mounted be appropriate or a floor-standing Jukebox? When would you like the Jukebox installed?

Pool Tables and Jukebox in Las Vegas

If we determine that your venue is currently lacking in musical range (treble, mid, bass, volume), we might suggest a floor-jukebox. A floor model Jukebox delivers a powerful upgrade to the sound quality of your music due to the Jukebox’s integrated subwoofers, speakers and amplifiers inside. Or, if space is limited in your venue, we might recommend a wall-mounted Jukebox. If your venue has a very basic speaker system, we may recommend that we wire and install more speakers or subwoofers to add larger coverage, range and volume control options to your venue. The jukebox, wiring and speakers are all owned and installed by Club Vending at no cost to you. As with most Jukebox installations, we anticipate making our initial expenses up over a relatively short amount of time due to the proven popularity and revenue success of our TouchTunes Jukeboxes.


Profit can be measured, not only in terms of making a percentage of the generated revenues of your Jukebox and other amusement machines, but also in other important ways.

Many Bars and Taverns know the importance of having REGULAR Gambling/Gaming customers. A GREAT Bartender knows the importance of getting to know these VIPs on a personal level, such as the customer’s name, drink preferences, employment or life story.

Making this personal connection is what drives Gaming Revenues because these customers develop a loyalty to your Bartender and to your venue, and they will return time-and-time again no matter if they win or lose. Gamblers want to be recognized, remembered and made to feel special, otherwise, they will likely try their luck elsewhere. Your employees understand the value and benefit of catering to your VIPs, as their gratuities most certainly increase and your venue’s bottom-line revenues also benefit with each VIP personalized interaction.

TouchTunes benefits

Music can inspire a deeper connection between customer and employee. A Jukebox in Las Vegas becomes an asset and allows your Bartenders to play the music your Gamblers love to hear. By using the TouchTunes App on their mobile device, a Bartender can create a playlist for each VIP Gambler in your venue and easily play their favorite tunes, keeping these Gamblers happy and playing for longer. We know that the best Las Vegas Bartenders, after serving a VIP and getting to know them, will eventually inquire and discover what their VIP’s particular tastes are in music. Giving the option to your employees to entertain your customers will be appreciated.


We have already established that having a Jukebox in Las Vegas, is an important key to success. Your repeat customers who like to drink, socialize, and gamble are your bread and butter that make your Bar, Tavern or Nightclub profitable. What else brings these people to your venue?

Nobody wants to be the ONLY customer in a Bar or Tavern. It can be a bit awkward and put unwanted attention on your VIPs. The solution is to have a variety of reasons for customers to come to your bar. Have Club Vending bring a bill accepting Pool Table to your venue. The hustle and bustle of a group of people playing some amusement machines can bring a comfort level to a bar that music and employees alone can not provide.

Bar scene with pool table and Jukebox in Las Vegas

Having a TV playing sports, or a kitchen serving food to customers has the benefit of attracting customers, but only at certain times of the day or days of the week. Having a Pool Table, Golden Tee, Shuffleboard, Dart Board, or other Amusement games gives your bar more appeal to the general population of Las Vegas. Having some neon beer signs or Sports Memorabilia on your walls has a similar effect on your venue. Make your Bar or Tavern more interesting by requesting us to own and operate our popular equipment in spaces available in your venue. It will attract more people and keep your VIP Gamblers and regular customers more interested and comfortable staying and playing at your establishment.


There are many compelling reasons why it is much better to have a properly licensed vendor, like Club Vending, own and operate your vending and amusement machines, rather than owning your own.

Tobacco: Venues that offer gambling know that is is a verifiable fact that smoking, drinking and gambling are a trio of elements that promote high gaming revenues. Let’s be honest, most gamblers like to smoke. 99% of the Bars and Taverns in Las Vegas allow smoking. But what happens when your customers are out of cigarettes and leave to buy them elsewhere? Most customers who leave your venue to purchase food or cigarettes will not return same-day.

We do not recommend any venue operator attempt to sell Tobacco products to their customers, or provide them without charge to their VIP’s as both are illegal practices in the State of Nevada. All Tobacco products in the State of Nevada can only be sold by State Licensed Retailers. Club Vending is a Licensed Retailer in the State of Nevada, and uses specialized Cigarette Pack Vending Machines to manage and track tobacco sales in order to provide accurate tax accountings to the State.

cigarette vending and snack vending in Las Vegas

Our machines provide a way for your gamblers to STAY in your venue when they run out of cigarettes and release you from the burdensome requirements that come with Tobacco sales. We own the inventory and share the revenues which makes the process of offering cigarettes to your customers safe, secure and streamlined.

Vending & Amusement: Often, Bars and Taverns do not have a kitchen that operates 24/7. Having a snack vending machine is a good solution to keep your customers from leaving because they are too hungry to continue drinking or playing. Pool tables are excellent additions to any venue, but they aren’t without their share of required, costly maintenance. Pool tables have many service needs such as replacing or retipping pool sticks, replacing missing pool balls, refelting the table, replacing bumpers, replacing pocket liners, repairing inner tracks and delivery systems, and replacing rechargeable batteries that power the bill acceptance, computer and delivery motor and mechanisms. These and other machines are best to be owned, operated and maintained by a reputable vendor like Club Vending.


No. Like Jukeboxes, you must be an established Route Operator with multiple locations and amusement assets in order to own and operate a commercial version of the popular Golden Tee game.

Our Golden Tee games always have the latest and greatest course upgrades that the serious players look for. We use large 46 inch HD TVs to properly display the game in all its glory. Customers will often visit your venue for the purpose of playing this game alone.

Club Vending takes care of maintaining the track ball, buttons, computer, monitor, and all associated upgrades and repairs. There is a “home” version available for those hardcore players who want it, but the home version does not grant access to the daily cash tournaments and rankings that the commercial version of Golden Tee offers. Sometimes, having a Golden Tee can be as important as having a Jukebox in Las Vegas!

Golden Tee customer

Jukebox Supplier Las Vegas FAQ

How do I get a Jukebox Installed in Las Vegas?

Contact Club Vending by phone, text, web form or mail. We are a licensed supplier of TouchTunes Jukeboxes and will purchase, install and maintain your jukebox and associated sound system for FREE.

How will I profit from having a Jukebox installed at my venue?

Customers in Las Vegas prefer to visit venues where they are able to interact with the other customers. Club Vending will handle all the costs associated with installing and maintaining the TouchTunes Jukebox, plus share the revenues with the venue.

Besides a Jukebox, can other amusements help my venue succeed?

Having a Pool Table, Golden Tee, Shuffleboard, Dart Board, or other Amusement game gives your bar or tavern more appeal. If a customer only wanted to be somewhere they could gamble, there are gaming “parlors” throughout Las Vegas.

Is it better to own my own vending and amusement machines or to use a certified vendor like Club Vending?

It is better to have a vendor like Club Vending at your disposal. If something needs repair, we always carry the necessary parts and skills to repair our equipment quickly and properly. Most parts are not easy to find which is why we keep a large stockpile of nearly any part that might need replacing.

Can I own a TouchTunes Jukebox or do I need a Jukebox provider?

No. You must be a licensed Amusement Route business who has multiple locations and multiple types of vending and amusement machines for TouchTunes to sell and activate a jukebox for you. Instead, you may contact Club Vending for the best jukebox vendor experience in Las Vegas.

Can I own a commercial version of Golden Tee?

No. Like Jukeboxes, you must go through a vendor like Club Vending.

pool table darts golden tee