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Serving Las Vegas for over 20 Years

Friendly staff, hot slots, great drinks and delicious food are all important to the success of your venue, but so are other peripheral offerings such as jukeboxes, pool tables and cigarettes. Las Vegas is known as the “City of Entertainment”. Having our machines available to your customers will ensure even greater levels of interest in your venue. We provide these services at no cost to you.

Las Vegas is a city unlike any other in the world, and we understand that your venue is just as unique. Our Family Owned and Operated company exists to ensure your customers have the best possible experience in your venue, while enabling you to focus on your bar and gaming business.

Bar and Tavern gaming customers prefer to patronize venues with a heightened level of activity. Having customers actively using the jukebox, pool tables or other games in your venue helps to bring that extra level of excitement and activity that a television or a basic radio station simply does not offer.

We understand the importance of keeping your gaming customers at your venue for longer periods of time. We offer cigarette and other vending options for your customers to purchase onsite, because the last thing you want is your customer leaving your venue to make a tobacco, snack or sundry purchase elsewhere. We carry all the popular brands and flavors for your customers to choose from.

Bar owners and managers are already tasked with the challenges of managing their employees, properties, liquor and food inventories. Let Club Vending handle the rest. We own, install and maintain our jukeboxes and vending machines. In addition, we offer a generous revenue sharing arrangement including 24/7 direct customer service at no additional charge. Let us help transform your venue into an engaging destination and find out why Club Vending is the best jukebox, bar amusement and vending provider in Las Vegas.


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Bar scene with TouchTunes Jukebox and customers playing a Pool Table
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